Is your child struggling with being hard on themselves? Are they feeling down or anxious?

Sharing Human Nature is a group for youth to learn and practice skills for self-compassion, while connecting with others going through similar thoughts and feelings, in a beautiful outdoor setting.

There has been no shortage of challenging events lately, and on top of it all, kids who are going into adolescence were already having to navigate big changes happening in their brains, bodies, and social lives. To support them, we hope to help them cultivate more self-compassion which, research has shown, helps us navigate difficult life circumstances. While it may not be a cure-all, at least we can help our kids be a bit kinder with themselves!

Our connection to others and the world around us can have huge impacts on our well being. For example, as humans, our bodies and our brains all benefit from time outdoors, moving, doing, learning, feeling, and connecting. As a society we are experiencing a nature deficit, meaning we are not spending enough time outside and are not as connected to the outside world as we once were. Nature can help us to grow our ability to be mindful, wake up our sense of curiosity, and remember how we fit into the larger world and community.  

During this group, youth aged 10-13 will have a chance to notice how it feels to exist, discover more about themselves, and connect with others. The groups consists of 4 three hour sessions. Monday-Thursday, 10am-1pm, lunch is provided. A parent or approved caregiver will be needed to transport youth to and from Dorris Ranch, some alternative arrangements may be available.

There’s no right way to show up and we invite kids to be themselves- exactly as human and imperfect as they are– and know that they will be welcomed. Remember, we are all a part of nature, and have many commonalities to explore.

Groups are scheduled for July 18th-21st and August 8th-11th.

Sharing Human Nature group will take place at Dorris Ranch. It is a national historic site, a living history farm, a working commercial filbert orchard, and a public park complete with walking trails and natural areas. We will be doing a variety of activities while spending time in nature. They’ll range from group games, exploring Dorris Ranch, and taking time to reflect with one another. We will be learning about mindfulness and self-compassion and will have materials to bring home each day. 

Aja and Josie are our group leaders, and they couldn’t be more excited to help guide your child through learning and practicing skills for self-compassion. Aja is a qualified mental health professional with a Masters in Family therapy, and certification in Ecopsychology. She specializes in trauma-informed relational, systemic, experiential, and attachment based therapies. Josie is a qualified mental health associate currently completing her Masters in Social Work who has a specific interest in ecotherapy and helping families reconnect with nature. 

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to enroll, please call us at 541-743-4340 or fill out the interest form below.