Our community is in desperate need of crisis
and relief short-stay foster homes.

There is a demand in our communities for crisis short-stay and relief (respite) care. Perhaps you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, short-stay crisis or relief care is a great way to ease into caring full-time for a child. Crisis short-stay or relief care is the short-term care of a foster child.

All short stay foster parents are fully OCP trained and certified and have access to 24/7 support and guidance.

Crisis Relief Care:

OCP is launching a response to our community’s crisis of placing foster youth in hotels. Make your home available to a youth in unexpected need. These youth typically stay for a few days or up to 3 weeks while their DHS caseworker identifies a solid plan that meets their needs.

Our crisis short-stay families will ensure these children have a soft place to land.

  • Temporary emergency care for children when a crisis occurs
  • Reduce stress and promote positive social interactions
  • Children 4 – 17
  • The typical stay is a few days up to three weeks
  • Training and 24/7 support
  • Generous reimbursement

Relief Care Respite Homes:

Provide short-term relief care for other foster parents by caring for their foster children in your home one or more weekends a month. Our research tells us that rested and recharged foster parents are renewed to give their all to the kids. Our kids benefit too: by experiencing new adventures with your family.

Relief care also provides children the opportunity to build relationships with other children in similar settings, increasing their emotional development and general well-being. We encourage foster parents to take occasional breaks.

Be a positive role model for a child and provide support for foster families for a weekend a month or more.

Providing respite short-stay care in your own home can be a very rewarding experience, often leading to close relationships between families over time. This kind of foster care is ideal for foster parents who prefer very short-term placements. This type of foster situation is key to keeping families energized, empowering them to provide stability to the children in their care.

    • Provide short-term relief for foster parents
    • One or more weekends a month
    • Training and 24/7 support
    • Generous reimbursement
    • Kids benefit too by experiencing new adventures with your family

Open your home to a child in need today!