Attend a workshop and learn strategies for responding to your child’s needs and managing challenging behaviors and earn prizes, toys, and books!

  • FREE for any lane county family with a child 3 or under, regardless of insurance.
  • Summer workshops are 3-hours, food & childcare are provided on-site!
  • Workshops to be held on various Wednesdays and Saturdays, July-October.
  • Parent-Toddler workshops are FREE for any family in Lane County. Foster, kinship, or biological families are welcome!
  • Earn prizes, toys, and books!

Topics to be Covered Include:

  • Teaching parents PRIDE (Praise, Reflect, Imitate, Describe, Enjoy) skills to promote positive interactions, healthy parent-child attachment, and good minding.
  • Teaching a no-hurting sequence to respond to and decrease aggressive behavior
  • Parenting skills to help decrease children’s anxiety.
  • Learning how to respond to BIG feelings by using CARES (Come in close, Assist, Reassure, Emotional awareness, Soothe) skills to increase Parental awareness of their own feelings as well as improving nurturing, supportive care for their child.

PCIT-T is an intervention focused on increasing responsive, nurturing caregiving. It’s main focus is on improving positive relational skills.

There are two phases of PCIT-T:
– The first is child directed, we help parents learn to interact and play with their children in a positive, caring and nurturing way, helping them learn to attune to their children’s needs. It’s a very gentle approach and we assist parents in learning how to manage negative behavior with positive attention alone.
– The second phase, is parent directed and helps parents learn how to give effective directions and assist children in learning to follow through with these directives via a 4 step approach.

For more information, contact: Alexis Kingston at (541) 743-4340