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During this time of isolation, KEEP is needed more than ever! KEEP is now one of only a handful of services currently in operation that support foster families. During this time of uncertainty, foster parents will welcome the opportunity to have a network to connect with other foster parents.

We are fully transitioning all current and future KEEP groups through ZOOM, an online platform until the Stay-At-Home executive order is removed. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone, and internet access.

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, for your safety and ours, all in-person group meetings have been temporarily suspended.

Supporting Foster and Kinship Parents

KEEP is an evidence-based support and skill enhancement program for foster and kinship parents of children ages 4-12 in the home. KEEP supports foster/kin families by promoting child well-being, reducing foster parent stress, and preventing placement breakdowns.

KEEP promotes the idea that foster and kinship parents can serve as key agents of change for children by strengthening their confidence and skills so they can change their child’s behaviors, teaching effective parent management strategies, and providing them with support.

What is a KEEP group?

KEEP groups are designed to be flexible and fun. Snacks are served, and childcare is provided. Unlike a classroom lecture format, KEEP groups are interactive and participatory. The groups synthesize the real and current experiences of foster and kinship parents with lessons learned from research about the most effective parenting methods.

  • 16 weekly, 90-minute sessions
  • Childcare provided
  • Refreshments and snacks provided
  • Paid incentive – receive $20 each week for attending
  • Receive 24-credits for continuing education
  • Connect with other foster and kin families in your community
  • Increase parenting skills
  • Evidence-based parenting curriculum tailored to each group’s specific needs
  • KEEP is trauma-informed

KEEP homes have:

Numerous studies have shown that many of today’s foster children have complex and serious behavioral and mental health problems that put them at risk for negative long-term outcomes. The enormous potential of these young people and the tough challenges faced by foster and kinship parents inspired the development of the KEEP model.

  • Kids with lower rates of emotional and behavioral problems
  • Kids with a faster path to permanency
  • Lower rates of placement disruptions
  • Higher rates of positive parenting
  • Lower rates of harsh discipline
  • Spillover of positive effects to other children in the home
  • Research shows that KEEP works for families!

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What others are saying about KEEP®

“The KEEP model is easy to get behind and understand. I have been able to implement what I have learned so far and my kids feel the success..”

“Our group seems so willing to share experiences and has a total of 62 years of experience. This group is so personable and fun.”

“Super helpful, actual tools. Really helped us balance our lives.”

“I would highly recommend the KEEP program to other foster parents!”