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Oregon Community Programs

Oregon Community Programs (OCP) is a private, non-profit corporation. Our mission is to support the use of evidence-based treatment for children and families with training, consulting and outreach services to promote a positive family life.

Children In Crisis

Our community is in desperate need of crisis short-stay foster homes. Make your home available to a youth in unexpected need and give them a soft place to land.

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We’re Looking for someone like you!

Have a little extra energy? Weekend boring?
House too quiet? We can fix that. Foster a child, ages 4 & up.

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Fostering Success in all Families.

We have been serving youth and families for over 30 years in Lane county. Over the years we have found that not only have the families and youth who have benefited from our services seen initial success but they have also been able to sustain that success across time.

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