Our next group will be held: August 24th at 5:30 PM (virtual)

Is PTC for me?

Does your child test authority, argue, or have difficulty minding?  Do you struggle with managing your child’s tantrums?  Are you concerned that your child might be struggling with depression or anxiety, or these symptoms have worsened over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic?  Is it sometimes difficult to manage your own emotions when parenting your child?  If so, Parenting through ChangeTM (PTC) might be a good fit for you. 

PTC is a 10-week parenting program based on GenerationPMTO (GenPMTO™), a treatment model with over 50 years of research and practice.  PTC works with families to address a wide range of child and adolescent behaviors such as:

  • Defiance or non-cooperation
  • Aggression
  • ADHD
  • Lying, stealing
  • Substance abuse
  • Depressed mood
  • Anxiety
  • School failure
  • Overcoming transitions (divorce, re-partnering, moves, grief, and loss)

Parenting is hard, PTC offers support

PTC groups are hands-on and engaging. Each week Group Leaders present skills designed to build hope, confidence and effective parenting practices.  

Session 1. Working Through Change: The Change process begins by strengthening hope, identifying strengths, and building on a better tomorrow.

Session 2. Encouraging Cooperation: We will demonstrate how to increase your children’s cooperation and help them follow your directions. 

Session 3. Teaching Positive Behavior: You will learn how to break goals into small, achievable steps.  Learning through encouragement sets children up for success.

Session 4. Observing Emotions: We will explore the power of emotions and how they relate to family life as well as how to recognize our own emotions.

Session 5. Active Communication: You will learn techniques that will work for you to regulate emotions.

Session 6. Setting Limits: We will help you find the correct balance of encouragement, discipline and setting limits on children’s behavior to keep them safe. 

Session 7. Follow Through: We will review and practice the Time Out procedure before you try it out. You will practice how to explain this effective strategy to children.

Session 8. Problem Solving: Relationships are nourished with good communication.  We will demonstrate the use of active listening to engage in communication.

Session 9. Managing Conflict and Encouraging Routines: All families have problems.  We will introduce a tool to help families plan activities, manage conflicts, and negotiate agreements.

Session 10. Putting It All Together: We will show how to deal with differences in opinion.  A life goal is to make sure you have a balance of work and play.

PTC at Oregon Community Programs

  • Connect with other parents and share ideas that promote child behavior change
  • 10 weekly, 90-minute group sessions
  • Biological, adoptive, or guardians with children ages 4-18 in the home
  • Groups available in English and Spanish
  • Free weekly handouts, resources + goodie bag filled with tools for using PTC in your home!
  • Entry into raffles for attendance and practice every week!
  • Open to ALL families in Lane County.
  • Varied days and times offered each week