Mental Health Intern

Want to make a real difference for children and families? At Oregon Community Programs, that’s our mission and why we’ve been a leading provider of outpatient behavioral health and specialized foster care in Lane County and beyond. As a mental health intern, you will work closely with a team of master’s level clinicians and guide children and families in learning concrete strategies to build relationships, improve communication, reduce problem behaviors, and connect with meaningful positive activities and people. You will receive advanced training in evidenced-based interventions along with a high level of supervision and support. You will work closely with team members to intervene on a family systems level, a supportive approach that engages caregivers as the primary agent of change in their child’s life.

We are a team of skilled therapists, skills trainers, peer support specialists and administrative staff who are also hikers, dog lovers, kayakers, DIY fanatics, travelers, bikers, photographers, and musicians.  As both colleagues and friends, we enjoy working together to bring enthusiasm and a team-oriented focus to our programs and project.