KEEP Group Leader

Are you interested in becoming a KEEP Group Leader?

KEEP is an engaging, interactive, and participatory 16-week group meeting of foster and kinship parents using the evidence-based KEEP curriculum. KEEP doesn’t use a “one size fits all” curriculum. While the group leaders draw from an established manual, they tailor each session to the specific needs, circumstances, and priorities of participating parents and their children. Information about the children’s current behaviors is incorporated into the weekly sessions to make sure the group is both current and relevant. KEEP groups are designed to be flexible and fun.

OCP will be running a range of KEEP groups for parents of children and youth from toddlers to teenagers, and including LGBTQ+ affinity groups.

You will first attend a 20-hour training which takes place over 5 days, four hours/day. After that, when you start co-leading a group, you will continue with weekly coaching. Here is what the position entails:
· Facilitate and Co-Lead KEEP group sessions for foster and kinship parents using model-specific curriculum
· Review materials and coordinate with co-leader to prepare for each session
· Upload all KEEP session videos to FIDO software, enter all session data, and complete weekly Parent Daily Report (PDR) phone calls / enters data to FIDO
· Maintain fidelity standards and work towards achieving certification status
· Attend weekly coaching meetings

KEEP groups have been held virtually since the onset of COVID. Returning to in-person meetings remains a possibility sometime in the future.

This is an hourly position, job grade 13, base compensation: $18.99/hour, or higher DOE and bilingual capabilities. There are also bonus incentives for running evening groups and for achieving certain benchmarks and certification.

Must be fully vaccinated against COVID because OCP is a healthcare facility.